An Anesthesia Quality Improvement Plan to Improve Postoperative Pain Outcomes after Hysterectomy

  • Jacob Lee Deeds, DNP, CRNA, ANC, USA Duke University, US Army
  • Priscilla N. Shaw, DNAP, CRNA, ANC, USA United States Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing, Fort Sam Houston, TX
  • Aaron R. Elliot, DNP, CRNA, ANC, USA William Beaumont Army Medical Center, Fort Bliss, TX
  • Brett T. Morgan, DNP, CRNA Duke University, Durham, NC


An anesthesia quality improvement initiative implemented an evidence-based, preemptive, preventive multimodal analgesic regimen to improve perioperative pain outcomes for women undergoing hysterectomy.  Though statistical significance was not achieved, clinically significant decreases in Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) narcotic usage, pain ratings, time in the PACU, and opioid related side effects were observed.  This analgesic regimen was easily implemented, readily modifiable, and suitable for expansion to multiple surgical populations to supplement customary anesthesia perioperative care.

Author Biography

Jacob Lee Deeds, DNP, CRNA, ANC, USA, Duke University, US Army


Major, US Army

Program Director Phase 2, USAGPAN



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preemptive; preventive; analgesia; gabapentin; IV acetaminophen; hysterectomy; postoperative pain; performance improvement; quality improvement