Welcome to Anesthesia eJournal (AEJ)! 
This is a peer reviewed open access journal, presented entirely online.  We at AEJ are interested in making available to you, current information through a multidisciplinary approach to anesthesia.

You will find that our new approach to publication incorporates not only written articles but videos, audio and podcasts that enhance the article making it user friendly. Anesthesia eJournal is the first to provide this type of professional journal and we look forward to your comments and feedback about the publication.

The future of anesthesia is based in research. Anesthesia eJournal is providing a new approach to media in an effort to help capture that research through a multidisciplinary approach. We encourage every CRNA, faculty, and clinical practitioner who has an interest in anesthesia to submit to AEJ a manuscript for publication. The use of videos, audio, and other online media are encouraged to enhance the written word.  You will find several articles in this publication that have used video to further the understanding of the research submitted to AEJ. We hope you enjoy our new approach to publication.